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Marisela's Goodbye Message


Dearest Patients,  

It is with deep sadness and a heavy heart that I am announcing I will no longer be a part of Dr. Koo's team.  As  many of you know, I recently had a baby and I have decided to spend more time with her and enjoy her to the fullest.

I've had 11 wonderful years with all of you at Dr Koo's office, more than words can express.  It is because of you, that I woke up every morning looking forward to the day ahead and the bright faces that I would be seeing. I have truly enjoyed meeting you and your family over the years. There has been no greater joy than to have patients and families put their trust in me, to care for them and their loved ones.

I leave knowing that you will all be very well cared for by the incredible, caring and compassionate team at Dr Koo's office. I will miss each and everyone of you. Thanks to all of you for making my work so meaningful and so very much fun. It has been a true honor to have been your dental hygienist over the years and you will always be a very special part of me. 

Warmest regards,






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