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Fixed Bridges

Fixed Dental Bridges in San Jose

As with any cosmetic dental issue, self-esteem can be affected by a missing tooth or gap in the smile. What's more, missing teeth cause a plethora of health issues, like misalignment and complications eating and speaking.

Bridges are prosthetic teeth that fill gaps and restore the smile, creating both a functional and beautiful set of teeth. Call our office in San Jose and schedule a consultation with Dr. Koo to find out if a bridge is right for you.

Replace Missing Teeth with a Dental Bridge

This cosmetic procedure utilizes shade-matched porcelain crafted to look like a group of teeth to fill a gap in the smile. We offer a couple options for use as the bridge material, which include:

All-porcelain bridges offer a completely cosmetic replacement for up to two missing teeth. This option securely replaces a group of missing teeth using an all-ceramic prosthetic made to look lifelike in appearance and function just like real teeth.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal bridges provide the best of both esthetically pleasing porcelain and a durable metal frame. This option offers a much sturdier replacement while preserving a natural-like appearance.

During this procedure, neighboring healthy teeth are altered to stabilize the bridge in place. Crowns molded on both sides of the bridge secure the prosthetic and provide the necessary support to restore bite function and strength.

Additionally, patients also have the option to implement implants into their treatment and completely restore teeth from root to crown. Implants are the most comprehensive way to replace missing teeth and offer additional benefits to the traditional dental bridges, like support for the underlying bone.

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Are you missing a tooth or a small group of teeth? Wondering how you can permanently fix your smile without having to undergo surgery? Dental bridges could be the right option for you!

​Call our San Jose dental practice and schedule an appointment with Dr. Dick Koo to go over your options for tooth replacement, and find out how you can completely restore your smile for good!


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